Initial Public Offering of a Special-Purpose Acquisition Company

In short

The underwriter introduces the SPAC and its managment team to institutional investors during a roadshow prior to an IPO. During the Initial Public Offering, the SPAC will raise money and then place the raised funds in a trust account.

Preparing to go public

Preparing the IPO is a task where a reliable and vivid communication has to be orchestered between the involved parties.

Most management teams have little or no experience with the details about going public with a company. We recommend leading advisors and servicing companies in the SPAC segment of an IPO as well as adding our experience. Further, we secure the communication between all involved parties.


Form S-1 / Registration Statement

Optimize the Offer to Institutional Investors

A prospectus is a disclosure document that describes a financial security for potential buyers.


Investment Bank / Book-Runner

Production Planning

The underwriter introduces the SPAC and its managment team to institutional investors during a roadshow prior to an IPO.

The main task is of course to raise the targeted IPO funds from institutional investors.

Besides this, the underwriting investment bank

  • conduct test the waters meetings with key investors

  • conduct a full roadshow focused on US and European key accounts

  • structure the order book to ensure the best possible trading outcome for the IPO

  • help stabilize the stock price after IPO

IPO & the Stock Exchange

Going public at Nasdaq, NYSE or Euronext

Since 2010, Nasdaq has been the exchange of choice for SPACs, attracting over 75% of all SPAC IPOs. Its position as the industry leader supports SPACs and target private companies in making a seamless transition to the public markets.

Other SPACs have gone public at NYSE but there where also some European SPAC IPOs at Euronext.

Although the general IPO process of a SPAC is very standardized, the details are important in individual cases. It is important to have specialized lawyers, a successful investment bank and experienced consultants at your side.


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