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Quality services

We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective:
We capture values across borders and between all persons and companies involved.

Celtic’s services in originating Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC)


Celtic structures and refines a SPAC from its beginning to the business combination and beyond.


Celtic not only secures the communication between the SPAC and its advisors but also enhances investor relations


Our network of outstanding executives with Wall Street experience contributes to a sustainable implementation of the SPAC strategy


Our successful work with investment banks enables us to connect companies, investors, shareholders and strategic groups.

From vision to daily business – planning and strategy

The advantages of a Special-Purpose Acquisition Company are not self-fulfilling. Experienced planning of a SPAC strategy is required to realize the vision of a publicly traded multi-million dollar corporation.

Celtic Asset & Equity Partners plans the SPAC process and supports our clients in every phase of a SPAC:

  • Feasibility & Refine of the SPAC idea
  • Shaping the board of directors
  • Preparing the IPO
  • Advise during the acquisition phase
  • Investor relations
  • Accompanying the business combination

Teamwork is our Self-Concept

Celtic Asset & Equity Partners brings together the right people on Wall Street who have the best track-record in creating and underwriting SPACs.

From the beginning, we structure a deal with our client to eliminate risks and expenses while adding value to the deal with experienced management consultants and advisors.

What we do

  • We coordinate all of the involved parties and secure their communication.

  • We evaluate a proposed SPAC and its potential targets to optimize a timely acquisition.

  • We negotiate with the relevant parties to achieve the best outcome for the SPAC.

  • We provide experienced executives who have been recognized as professionals in the financial markets.

  • We help to prepare the prospectus and its financials.

  • We build investor relations.

Our knowledge serves as the foundation for your success

Celtic Asset & Equity Partners is in permanent exchange with the parties involved in the market in order to contribute their experiences and assessments to an optimization of a SPAC right from the beginning.

  • Law firms
  • Investment banks
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Insurance companies specialized in SPAC
  • Investor Relations consultants
  • FINRA broker and
  • Executive consultants.
This constant two-way communication enables us to provide our clients with an indication of the current status of Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies and their perception in the markets.

Contact for initial consultation

Alexander V. Schinzing
Managing Director