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SPAC Industry sectors

Our approach to Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies applies to almost all industry sectors and we have no special preference for any particular industry. Here are a few examples of industries in which we can provide advice and expertise.

Acquisition targets

Different SPAC are set up with different goals in mind. Some give their management teams complete discretion to purchase any type of business they want. Others target more specific sets of companies in certain sectors, industries, or geographical locations.


We combine deep relationships and significant FinTech experience to deliver expert advice and guidance. High usage of mobile devices and technology-based solutions is pushing the demand for financial and banking solutions, which can be accessed through personal devices. Banks and firms are investing heavily in technology-based solutions, competing with contemporary fintech companies.


Life Science

Anyone witnessing the feverish deal-making that has swept through the global life sciences and health care industry recently might well conclude that mergers-and-acquisitions (M&A) activity has become the dominant force shaping the industry. M&A is just one way forward though as companies respond to changes in this dynamic and innovative space.



In the century of globalization, energy companies often resort to Mergers and Acquisitions to reach new levels of their business development and strategy. Not only mergers play a crucial role in the integration of national economies but also, thanks to M&A synergy, companies increase their international competitiveness and portfolios in the global market.


Telecommunication & Media

In the past years, the total merger and acquisition value in the telecommunications industry has surpassed the $1 trillion mark, Here are in-country scale deals, enabling geographical expansion, as well as scope deals, aimed at enlarging companies’ portfolios. Colocation, cloud, and connectivity providers are further scaling to meet the demands of an ever-expanding digital economy.